Introductory note

Lekhaa is a voluntary student led initiative aimed at making information about psychology and mental health more accessible to people in their native language. We believe that when people have been guided well and supported, it helps them build their community and find inner strength to improve their situation in small but significant ways. The intention of this endeavor is to record the process of and give an opportunity to build a resource-base for anyone who might be interested. We want to ease the process of interacting with mental health workers, as currently the field is ripe with stigma and misinformation. We talk about social, cultural and political models of mental health along with the clinical model. Most of the people on board are people who have knowledge, interest and/or experience in navigating the mental health system in India. 

The information shared from around the web will be linked and cited at the end of each article, and we will try to keep the original content makers informed of this endeavor. We do not lay claim to information published on the site unless mentioned otherwise. We will strive to include as many submissions made by the public about their perspectives and experiences after establishing an understanding with the author. We encourage our readers to participate and respond in constructive ways to the content we publish, especially in instances where our local and cultural understanding is lacking. We are building a team of writers and a team of translators to aid this process. Feel free to submit your own articles, suggestions, requests for information and translations with us.


Providing Support

The articles in this section will guide you in providing mental health support to family and friends. The information here can be used to understand and explore your own experiences or help you communicate your reality to those around you. Share these articles with others around you who need the help. It provides information that has been already published on the internet, on different platforms and in books

Studying Psychology

This section functions as a guide to aspiring psychologists on their journey of becoming ethical, empathetic and observant professionals in the country. From the various intersections of psychology with other subjects, to different job descriptions, to connecting you with those working in the field, this section is focuses on the students. (in schools, colleges and lifelong students)

Applying Psychology

This section of the site will additionally publish opinion pieces on media and social culture that shapes and is shaped by collective values and behavior. This will include book and movie reviews, commentary on news and political developments and introductions to people exploring psychology creatively.